310 Pilot Net Worth: How Rich is the YouTuber?

310 Pilot Net Worth:

310 Pilot is a YouTube channel based in the USA that posts aviation-related content, especially flight travel. Kevin is the owner of the channel and obviously, he is a private pilot too. Kevin comes from a family of pilots as he reported in an interview.

The YouTube channel was created in 2017 and has amazing videos about various guests experiencing flight travel through various parts of the world. In the following paragraphs, we will get to know what is the net worth of 310 pilot, his profession, YouTube channel history, and more.

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310 Pilot Net Worth

Full NameKevin
Known as310 Pilot, YouTuber
Yearly Income$200,000

As per our latest research, the net worth of 310 pilots is estimated to be $500,000. The majority of his net worth is coming from the YouTube channel. Being a full-time YouTuber and pilot, it is obvious for him to monetize the content and trip together. he has been doing good with the YouTube channel as it is growing with time.

At the time of writing, the channel had 199 videos and 53 Million views which is quite impressive. It is also very nice to watch the content as every episode has its thrill and is not repetitive as the locations get changed frequently.

310 Pilot YouTube Career

The YouTube channel was created by Kevin in 2017. Being a pilot himself and his passion for Aviation was the key to creating his YouTube channel. It helped him share his knowledge and interests with a larger audience. The channel now has around 250k followers at the time of writing. Also, the channel has an impressive 53 million total views.

Kevin 310 Pilot Biography

310 Pilot Net Worth
Kevin & Jaime credits: Instagram

Kevin comes from a pilot family. Almost all of the men in his family are pilots starting from his granddad. It is also important that Kevin got an opportunity to hang around different local airports in his childhood. This has positively impacted his career and ambition. Kevin also said in an interview that he privately earned his aviation licenses with the help of instructors which his dad recommended.

What does Kevin from 310 Pilots do for a living?

Kevin Thornton is working as an air traffic controller in Chicago. He is a pilot and owns a Cessna 310. He is also the owner of the YouTube channel 310 Pilot. You may check out his channel here.

What does 310 Pilot’s wife do for a living?

Kevins’s wife Jaime is also working as an air traffic controller in Chicago.

Who is the couple on 310 pilot?

The couple on 310 pilot is Kevin Thornton and Jaime. They both work as air traffic controllers in Chicago. The couple has a son who is usually seen in their videos. Kevin comes from a family of Pilots.

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That’s a wrap to our article about 310 Pilot. We surely know that Kevin is an awesome pilot and his videos are amazing. His family is also a great support and they are living their passion. Hope you all enjoyed reading the article like Kevin’s videos. We recommend you to check out their YouTube channel and you will be amazed.

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