Agent 00 Net Worth 2024: Income, Career, YouTube, Bio

Agent 00 is a Canadian YouTuber who is popular for his gaming channel. He can be generally called a content creator and social media personality who has carved up his name among the millennials, especially in the gaming space. He has multiple YouTube channels and shares his content across all the platforms. Agent 00 Net Worth is $3 Million.

His niche is NBA gaming and he has a dedicated channel for that alone called Agent 00 Gaming. This channel has around 1.8 million followers at the time of writing this article. He has a total of more than 3 million followers on all of his YouTube channels combined.

In this article, we will check what is the net worth of Agent 00, his career, early life, biography, YouTube channels, and much more. So if you are an Agent 00 fan or would like to know more about his earnings and all, this article is for you.

What is Agent 00’s Net Worth?

Real NameDin Muktar
Net Worth$3 Million
ProfessionYouTuber, Gamer
Yearly Earnings$350,000

Early Life

Agent 00 was born in Canada on April 23, 1996. His real name is Din Muktar. There are not many details about his family and living background, but we have found that he has a sibling who is also living with him in Canada. He is living in Toronto. He was really into sports from an early age and basketball is the one which he is most passionate about.

Agent 00 Career

He started his first YouTube channel CallMeAgent 00 in 2013. He has changed its name to Agent 00 Gaming and presently the channel has around 1.8 million followers. The gaming niche is the one which he is passionate about and he has an inbuilt passion towards that.

In the beginning, he started with games including Call Of Duty, PUBG, and other games. In 2014, after the release of NBA 2K 2014, he completely turned his attention towards this game. His friends also joined and he made up his skill in the game by playing alongside them.

This has then led to him thinking of uploading the gaming content more regularly in his channel. After that for the coming 2 years, Agent has uploaded his gaming content consistently which led to his channels’s initial success. This has given him a breakthrough in his YouTube career and after that, he has created multiple channels

Agent 00 Biography

Full NameDin Muktar
NicknameAgent 00
DOBApril 23, 1996
HometownToronto, Canada
Known asYouTuber, gamer
Weight71 kg
Eye Colorbrown
Hair Colourblack
YouTubeAgent 00 Gaming

Agent 00 Net Worth

The Net Worth of Agent 00 is estimated to be $3 Million. As we all are aware, his main source of income is from YouTube. Being a content creator and YouTube gamer, his consistency in uploading videos is the main factor that affects his income from YouTube. Currently on his main channel, he has around 1.8 million followers.

Agent 00 Net Worth
Agent 00 Net Worth credits: Instagram

Apart from the viewership from his followers, the brand endorsement is also a huge deal in earnings for YouTubers like Din. He has dealt with multiple brands that have contributed massively to his total wealth. His strategy of splitting the content across multiple channels also earned him an edge in YouTube earnings compared to other fellow YouTubers.

What is the Net Worth of Agent 00?

Agent 00’s Net Worth is $3 million.

How old is Agent 00?

Agent 00 was born on April 23, 1996. He is 27 years old.

How Much Does Agent 00 Make?

Agent 00 reportedly makes around $350,000 per year.

Is Agent 00 Rich?

Agent 00 is a famous gamer and YouTuber from Canada. being a top creator in his niche and having multiple YouTube channels under his ownership, He has made a net worth of around $3 million.

How Tall is Agent 00?

Agent 00 stands at 5 feet and 6 inches

What is the real name of YouTuber Agent 00?

Agent 00’s real name is Din Muktar. He was born and raised in Canada.


That’s a wrap to our article about your favorite gamer and YouTuber Agent 00. With his consistency and passion for gaming, he converted his hobby into a real asset of wealth. With multiple YouTube channels and more content, he will be gaining more followers in the coming years. You may also check out your favorite stars here.