Amanda Diaz Net Worth: Income, Career, Boyfriend

Amanda Diaz is a popular American/Cuban YouTuber and beauty blogger. She is also a social media influencer and makeup artist who is famous for her videos on Makeup. Amanda Diaz Net Worth is $3 Million.

Amanda became popular through her YouTube videos where she posts regularly her makeup videos. Apart from makeup, she also posts regularly about her lifestyle and travel updates which makes her followers engaged. Right now she is closer to reaching 1 million followers on YouTube.

In this article, we will get to know about the net worth of Amanda Diaz, Her BIography, her career, early life, relationships, and more. Amanda Diaz’s Net Worth is $3 million.

Amanda Diaz Net Worth

The net worth of Amanda Diaz is estimated to be $3 million. The majority of her net worth is from her YouTube channel and social media. Being such a good influencer and considering the following she has, her online platforms and social media are good sources of income for her.

According to some sources, Amanad made $400k from Instagram alone through her beauty products endorsements and posts. Being from a fashion and makeup background, most of her endorsements are beauty-related products.

Net Worth History

Net Worth 2023$2.5 million
Net Worth 2022$2 million
Net Worth 2021$1.5 million
Net Worth 2020$1 million
Net Worth 2019$0.7 million
Net Worth 2018$0.5 million
Amanda Diaz Net Worth History

Amanda Diaz Boyfriend

Seeing her popularity and brand across multiple social media platforms, people and her followers are especially interested in her love life and boyfriend. So we thought of writing it for you.

Amanda is currently dating her boyfriend Kio Cyr. For those who don’t know, KIo Cyr is a YouTuber and social media star. Kio has around 2 million followers on Instagram. Both are open about their relationship and have been posting through their social media.

Amanda Diaz Boyfrined
Amanda Diaz Boyfrined

Since both of them are from the same platform, they usually come up in each other’s channels and look good together. They have been continuously praised for their relationship by both fans. They were also seen traveling and exploring different places as both are focused on building their career now.


Full NameAmanda Diaz
Age23 years
DOB17 November 2000
HometownMiami, Florida
Birth PlaceCuba
Height5″6′ (170 cm)
Weight123 lbs (53 kg)
Amanda Diaz Net Worth 2023$3 million
Amanda Diaz Biography table

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Early Life

Amanda was born in Cuba. Her family moved to the USA when she was 5 years old along with her siblings. Amanda’s father was a human rights activist in Cuba and they have been settled in the US since 2004.

In one of the reports, Amanda said that she started freelancing at 13 as a makeup artist. She was very passionate about makeup at a very young age and her aunt was a professional makeup artist as well. Seeing her aunt, doing the makeup inspired her. She would go with her aunt to weddings and it helped out in her career.


Amanda started her YouTube channel when she was 14 years old in 2014. Even though the channel was created in 2014, she actively started posting content in 2016. presently she has around 750k subscribers on her YouTube channel.

Amanda Diaz Net Worth
Amanda Diaz Net Worth

Along with her YouTube channel, she also managed to create a good following base on Instagram and TikTok. Amanda has around 1.2 million followers on Instagram and around 4 million followers on TikTok.

Let us check out some of the most frequently asked questions about Amanda Diaz.

What is the Net Worth of Amanda Diaz?

Amanda Diaz Net Worth is $3 Million.

How does Amanda Diaz make money?

Amanda Diaz makes money through her social media platforms. Being an online influence and makeup artist herself, she also earns by the endorsement of beauty products.

What is Amanda Diaz famous for?

Amanda Diaz is famous for her makeup tutorials and videos on YouTube. She is also an online influencer and is famous across multiple social media platforms.


That’s a wrap to our article about Amanda Diaz. She is a popular YouTuber and influencer from the USA, especially for her makeup tutorials and lifestyle vlogs. She will continue to build her brand and her net worth in the coming years.

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