Jimin Net Worth: Income, Career, Early Life

Jimin is a singer and dancer in the famous BTS K-pop group. His net worth, often a topic of interest, comes from various sources like hit songs, sold-out concerts, and even his projects. Being part of BTS, he gets money from their music and tours. Jimin’s solo projects and collaborations with famous brands also add to his wealth. Jimin Net Worth is estimated to be $40 million.

Fans love him for his music, and the business world values him for his brand power. In this short journey, we’ll explore Jimin’s financial side and discover how his talent translates into substantial success. We will also go into detail about his income sources, early life, career, family, relationships,s and more.

Early Life

Jimin was born in Busan on October 13, 1995. He enjoyed dancing and singing when he was little. Jimin’s entry into the music industry began when he signed with Big Hit Entertainment, the organization that eventually assisted BTS in becoming internationally famous. Jimin contributed significantly to BTS by working hard and demonstrating his love for music.

The significant change happened in 2013 when BTS started. As the lead singer and dancer, Jimin played an essential role in making BTS famous. His strong voice and exciting performances made people notice him very shortly. As BTS became more popular, they sold a lot of music, had concerts many people attended, and worked with big brands. This success made BTS famous and brought in a lot of money, adding to Jimin’s net worth.


Full Name
Park Ji-min
DOBOctober 13, 1995 
HometownBusan, South Korea
Weight61 kg/ 134 lb
occupationSinger, Dancer, songwriter
NationalitySouth Korean
Relationship Statussingle
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Comparison With Other BTS Members

BTS jimin Net  Worth

Comparing Jimin’s net worth with other BTS members is crucial to acknowledge each member’s unique contributions, leading to different financial standings. Jimin, a good singer, dancer, and businessman, has made much money through BTS. But each member has things that make money, so their earnings differ.

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All BTS members make money from selling music, concerts, and online streams. They work together to make hit songs and perform on stage. However, Jimin also makes money from doing things on his own. He sings alone and does his projects that help him to earn individually apart from the band. Jimin is also good at working with famous brands for endorsements that add a good amount to his net worth.


Jimin’s career has been excellent. He’s a singer and dancer from South Korea. most of the people worldwide know him as part of the famous group BTS. His singing and dancing played one of the important roles in making BTS a global brand.

This success has led to Jimin having a net worth of around $40 million. His money comes from the group’s achievements, his solo projects, and working with famous brands. Jimin is not only a talented artist but also an intelligent businessman. The group’s important deal with HYBE Corporation boosted his net worth. As BTS continues to do well globally, Jimin’s money is expected to grow even more. In simple terms, Jimin’s career is a mix of great music, exciting performances, and clever business choices, making him a very successful and wealthy artist.

Jimin Net Worth

Jimin’s Net Worth is estimated to be around $40 million. His net worth is from multiple sources since he is a well-known artist internationally. Jimin also makes money from doing projects with others and doing things on his own. BTS’s important deal with HYBE Corporation has also significantly increased Jimin’s net worth. As BTS continues to be successful worldwide, Jimin’s money is likely to grow even more.

Jimin’s net worth comes from multiple sources as he is a global star. The band BTS is his primary source. Being a globally renowned music band many people come to see them and perform. Apart from the group, Jimin also does things by himself, like singing alone and starting his projects, and all these things help him earn money.

Jimin Net Worth
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He also works with famous brands including fashion and beauty brands. The clothes and other stuff with BTS’s name on it also make money. Besides music, he tries other things like acting, which can also add to his money. Even being active on social media can bring in more opportunities for him to make money. So, Jimin’s net worth is not just about music, it comes from many different things he does, making him successful in many ways.

Family & Relationship

Jimin’s family includes his father, mother, and younger brother. Jimin’s full name is Park Ji-min and he was born in Geumjeong District in Busan, South Korea. He started dancing in his mid-school and joined the entertainment giant Big Hit Entertainment as per his teacher’s suggestion.

Jimin doesn’t publicly share much about his family or relationships. We are aware of his tight relationship with the other members of BTS. Their support for one another is like a family and is very inspirational. Even though there isn’t much information available regarding Jimin’s personal life, it is clear that his strong relationship with the BTS members is essential to his success.

Their music, concerts, and brand partnerships all contribute to the money they make together. So, even though we might not know all the details about Jimin’s family or relationships, we can see that the close ties within BTS play a big part in his personal life and financial success. As BTS keeps achieving new things, these relationships will likely continue to shape Jimin’s journey and contribute to his growing net worth.


That’s a wrap to our article about the king of K-pop Jimin. Hope you have enjoyed reading and please do share this article with all your friends and BTS fans. Jimin is an exceptional talent and his life is an example of how hard work and consistency can lead you to a successful life.