Mrwhosetheboss Net Worth: Income, Career, Bio

Mrwhosetheboss Net Worth:
$8 Million
/ £6.9 Million

Arun Maini also called Mrwhosetheboss is the owner and presenter of the YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss. The channel mainly features videos about smartphones, unboxing videos, and other technology gadget videos. Mrwhosetheboss net worth is calculated to be around $8 Million.

Arun Maini is from Britain and has gained popularity for his tech reviews, phone reviews, and other gadgets. He started his channel in the year 2011. He has come a long way from there and currently has around 11 million followers on YouTube. Now he is even compared with MKBHD and both have their own set of followers.

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Mrwhosetheboss Net Worth

Mrwhosetheboss net worth is calculated to be around $8 million. He is one of the most famous tech reviewers in the world now. With his hard work for around a decade, he managed to have a following of around 11 million people. Most of his net worth comes through YouTube ads and his videos. He also collaborated with some of the tech brands to provide endorsements which contributed to his income as well.

Apart from his YouTube channel, Arun is also active on his other social media platforms as well. He is been active on Instagram and Twitter as well. He has around 1.5 Million subscribers on his Instagram account mrwhosetheboss. On Twitter, he has around 1.8 million followers as well.

Mrwhosetheboss Biography

Full NameArun Maini
Date Of BirthOctober 24, 1995
OccupationYouTuber, Tech Reviewer
HometownNottingham, England
Mrwhosetheboss Net Worth and Biography

Early Life

Arun was born and raised in Nottingham, England. His parents are from India even though he is a British citizen. He did his major in economics at the University of Warwick. After his graduation due to his passion and interest in Technology, he became a full-time Tech YouTuber.

He was very much into tech from his childhood itself. He was very proficient in finding opportunities and had an eBay business at the age of 11. He is also an entrepreneur and has designed a few websites including his website mrwhosetheboss.


Arun started his YouTube channel in April 2011 and uploaded his first video in the same month. His first video was “How to optimize your ZTE Blade”. Through his consistent uploads and quality reviews, he has risen to one of the best tech reviewers on the planet. He currently has around 11 million followers.

mrwhosetheboss net worth

Many of his videos have millions of views. His initial videos were mainly about hardware, software, and gaming reviews. After his first 100 videos, he became popular and was featured in media including The Huffington Post, The Daily Telegraph, Business Insider, etc.

His unbiased reviews about smartphones and other gadgets made him successful on the Internet. He is also not in favor of any of the brands which is evident from his gadgets. He uses Android as well as Mac products together. His collaborative videos with MKBHD have gained a good amount of views on his channel.


How Much Does Arun Maini Earn?

According to reports, Arun Maini is earning around $1 to $2 million per annum from YouTube. Apart from the ads, he is also sponsoring some products which will marginally increase his earnings.

Who is Mrwhosetheboss?

Arun Maini also called Mrwhosetheboss is the owner and presenter of the YouTube channel Mrwhosetheboss. Arun is a British citizen of Indian origin and has been doing tech videos for over a decade through his YouTube channel.

Where was Arun Maini born?

Arun Maini was born in Nottingham, England on October 24, 1995. He is a British citizen by birth even though his ancestors are from India.

Is Arun Maini a Millionaire?

Yes. His net worth is calculated to be around $8 million which makes him a millionaire.

Is Mrwhosetheboss an Indian?

No. His parents are from India. He is a British citizen by birth.


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