Heembeezy Net Worth 2024: Income, Career, Biography

Heembeezy is a popular American rapper who is best known for his songs like Cause Havo and Face No Book. He got his popularity and following from TikTok and other social media platforms. Being an artist who regularly posts his new tracks on social media, Heembeezy rose to fame in a short period. Heembeezy Net Worth is $500,000.

Apart from the social media platforms, Heembeezy gained his popularity on major music streaming platforms like Spotify. He has close to a million monthly listeners on Spotify. His most popular tracks on the platform are Face No Book and Floccer. He is one of the rising stars in the rap industry.

In this article, we will look into the net worth of Heembeezy, His early life, career, biography, FAQs, and much more. Coming from a music background and an exceptional passion for music, especially rap, Heembeezy’s story is worth reading.

What is Heembeezy’s Net Worth?

Full NameJekobe Holloway
Net Worth$500,000
Yearly income$100,000

Early Life

Heembeezy was born in 2004 in Inland Empire, California. He was a hardcore music fan from a very young age and it is one of the reasons for his success that we see today. His father was a good rapper and this encouraged Heembeezy to build up his career as a rapper.

Apart from singing and rapping, He was encouraged by his father to explore the writing and music production side as well. He wrote his first lyrics when he was around 7 years old. His father is his real mentor and has helped Heembeezy in releasing his first song as well.

Heembeezy Career

Heembeezy’s career started when he was a young kid itself. He was with his dad in the process of writing and producing music. In 2021, he released his first official song called Chevron. The song did well and it began to transform him into a brand. After that, he released many songs, and most of them became instant hits across the platforms.

Heembeezy net Worth
Heembeezy net Worth

His catchy lyrics and style of singing have gained him good followers. Some of his initial hits in his career are Really Her and Wess Yo Name. This song gave him an entrance to the rapping space and gave him an identity. His first super hit Face No Book showed his skills and was welcomed by the audience officially to the rap industry.

Heembeezy Biography

Full NameJekobe Holloway
HometownInland Empire, California
Know asRapper, Songwriter
Eye Colordark brown
Hair Colorblack
Heembeezy Biography

Heembeezy Net Worth

The Net Worth of Heembeezy is estimated to be $500,000. The main source of his income is from his songs and related sales. Coming from social media as a celebrity, the platforms remained as one of the main income sources of Heembeez. He has impressive followers on social media and many brands are ready to work with him on their endorsements.

Apart from social media, he also collaborated with various big artists and rappers which added a good amount to his net worth. He also does live concerts which as an artist is an essential part of their fame and income. Heembeezy reportedly earns around $100,000 per year.

How Old is Heembeezy?

Heembeezy was born in 2004. he is 19 years old

What is Heembeezy’s height?

Heembeezy stands at 5 feet and 7 inches,

Is Heembeezy Rich?

Heembeezy is a rising rapper. Considering his exceptional talent and passion for rapping, he is set to win the audience like all other famous rappers did. He has a net worth of $500,000.

Does Heembezy have a girlfriend?

Heembeezy doesn’t have a girlfriend as per the reports. he has never given any clue to his followers and fans about his relationship on any of the platforms.


That’s a wrap to our article about the one and only Heembeezy. He is an exceptional talent and artist. Considering his young age and passion for rapping, he has a promising future and continues to grow both professionally and business-wise as well. We wish Heembeezy all the very best for his upcoming projects and continue to listen to his amazing rap.