Liver King Net Worth: Income, Wife, Earnings

Liver King Net Worth:
$12 Million

Brian Johnson popularly called Liver King is a fitness and social media personality. He is popular for his unconventional eating habits or ancestral lifestyle. He eats raw meat and the organs of animals and also recommends eating liver all day.

After denying multiple times online that he doesn’t use steroids to attain his physique, it was found out that he was misleading his audience and he does use steroids and supplements including testosterone. After this came to light, he released a video apologizing to his audience and misleading them.

In this article, we will check out what is the net worth of Liver King, his career, earnings, Liver King’s wife aka Liver Queen, his Early life, and more. Liver King’s net worth is calculated to be $12 million

Liver King Net Worth

The net worth of Liver King is estimated to be 12 million dollars. Most of his earning comes through social media and brand endorsements. He has a brand that supports ancestral living and eating habits.

Liver King’s earnings have grown dramatically over the last few years due to his followers and social media influence. People follow him due to his insane way of living and eating. Even though his eating habits are controversial and not scientifically recommended, it has to be noted that the follower counts on his social media kept on increasing.


Liver King Net Worth
Liver King
Full NameBrian Johnson
Nick NameLiver King
DOBApril 7, 1977
HometownTexas, USA
Known asBodybuilder, Influencer
Liver King Net Worth 2023$12 Million
Marital statusMarried
WifeBarbara Johnson (Liver Queen)
Liver King Biography

Liver King Wife

Liver King Wife
Liver King Wife

Liver King’s wife is Barbara Johnson also known as Liver Queen. She is a dental specialist and also follows an ancestral diet. She embraces her husband’s lifestyle and eating habits. The couple has 2 children and they also follow ancestral living.

She is often seen in the background of his videos. According to Barabara’s Liver King is a real-life bear. She does support her husband’s lifestyle of eating raw meats, liver, bone marrow, and all. She herself has seen eating the ancestral diet in many of his videos.

Apart from the couple their children also follow their dad’s ancestral diets. In many videos, it is seen that Liver King enjoys raw meat, liver, and more with his kids and wife.

How Much Does Liver King Make a Year?

Liver King makes around $3 million a year. Major sources of his income are his ancestral living brand and social media. Being one of the most noted influencers with millions of followers, he makes a big deal through social media endorsements. His net worth has grown exponentially over the last 2 or 3 years due to his reach on social media platforms.

Early Life

Brian was born on April 7, 1977, in San Antonio, Texas. There are not many details available about his parents or childhood. In one of his posts, Liver King thanked his parents and said that he is very grateful to them. He also mentioned that he learned life commitment lessons from his parents.

Brian attended Texas Tech University and did his bachelor’s in biochemistry in 2000. Later he worked for a pharmaceutical company. He was a fitness enthusiast and gym lover even before he was famous on social media.

Where does Liver King Live?

Liver King along with his family is living in an 8000 square feet mansion in Austin. According to some sources, similar houses can have a value of around $5 to $7 million. The house does look luxurious and has an ample amount of space, a pool, a sauna, and all other facilities.

Liver King Net Worth
Liver King

Does Liver King Drink Coffee?

Yes, Liver King drinks coffee. But he only does it when it is needed and he wants it as a supplement. In one of his videos he described drinking coffee as an occasional supplement and what he really cares about daily is his morning habits of sun, cold bath, and all.

Liver King Height and Weight

Liver King stands at 5ft 7in tall or 173 cm. There is no doubt that his diet and workout made him a beast. Liver King’s Weight is 190 lbs.

How Much is Liver King’s Net Worth?

Liver King’s Net Worth is $12 million which he earned through his business, social media influence, and his line of food supplements.


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