Wendy Williams Net Worth: Career, Family, Awards

Wendy John Huner famously known as Wendy Williams is an American TV Personality, actor, businesswoman, and writer. Her famous TV Show called as Wendy Williams Show has been hosted since 2008.

Before working on television Wendy was a Radio Jockey and host. In a very short term due to her presentation, Wendy became famous in New York. She was known in New York at that time as a shock jokester.

In this article, we will get to know Wendy Williams’s net worth, career, biography, family, and more. Wendy Williams’s Net Worth is $40 Million.

Wendy Williams Net Worth 2024

Wendy Williams Net Worth is calculated to be $40 Million. She has many sources of income. Her income comes from TV shows, Books, Music & comedy, and products & endorsements.

One of her main income comes from her show called The Wendy Williams Show. The show has a huge fan following. In fact, on YouTube, the channel has around 3 million followers.

Williams is also an author and she has released many books including her autobiography she also released many fictions including a trilogy. She co-authored the two installments of the novel.

Wendy Williams Net Worth
Wendy Williams

She also has a music part. One of her interviews with Blu Cantrell has been released in the latter’s album Bittersweet. Williams has also done many comedy shows and even done comedy tours in various locations.

Williams has also been part of many brand endorsements. She has done endorsements for clothing brands, champagne, and jewelry. Some of the noted brands that she has been part of include hip-hop, Alize, and her jewelers and shoe line called Adorn.

Wendy has appeared in around 200 episodes of the Wnedy Willimas Show. According to some sources Wendy has been paid $55000 per episode. The show started in 2008 after a trial period of six weeks.

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Soon after the trial period ended, Wendy was able to sign a new deal with Fox to broadcast the show throughout the United States. The reviews were so good from the people and later the show got an international deal to air the show in around 60 countries.


Soon after her graduation Wendy started her career as a disc jockey in a small firm on the Virgin Islands. The atmosphere there was not in her favor and she started looking for new opportunities after a few months itself.

After a few more changes in her career, she soon became a radio personality. She started basically gossiping about celebrities and rappers and soon became famous in her own way of presentation.

Wendy Williams Funny moments: credits: Dillion

By the end of 1993, she became the highest-paid radio celebrity in her time slot and gained a huge following from the listeners. She even received a Billboard radio award that year. In 2001 she returned to New York Airwaves where she previously worked and was having a full-time slot.

By 2009 Williams left her radio show to focus on her television program and to spend more time with her family. Wendy Williams was also included in the National Radio Hall of Fame for her contributions

Wendy Williams Biography

Full nameWendy Williams
Date of BirthJuly 18, 1964
Home TownAsbury park, New Jersey
Height1.78 m
EducationNortheastern University
Zodiac SignCancer
Income SourcesTv Shows, books, brand endorsements
Wendy Williams Net Worth 2023$40 Million
Wendy Williams Biography

Personal life

She has revealed that in 1991 she broke up with her boyfriend and had to undergo a six-week abortion. After that, Wendy married her first husband Bert Girigorie. They divorced after 18 months of the relationship. Wendy has revealed that they were separated after 5 months.

Wendy Williams Net Worth
Wendy Williams Family credits: Bruce Glikas / Getty Images

After their first divorce, Wendy married Kevin Hunter on November 30, 1999. Wendy gave birth to their only child Kevin on 18 August 2000. in 2019 Wendy filed a divorce against Kevin Hunter.

Williams considers herself a multicultural woman. She attended a Baptist church with her family during her childhood. Even though she didn’t attend church services, she identified herself as a Christian.

Williams is also open about her addiction and diseases to the public. After being fainted on her Tv show due to dehydration she has been open about her health to the public. Williams also revealed that she has Graves’ disease which is a form of hyperthyroidism.

Awards and Nominations

During her long career, Wendy has been nominated and Won several awards. She has also been given the Hollywood Walk Of Fame in 2019. Her name is the 2667th star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Let us check out some of the famous awards and recognition Wendy has gained below.

R&B Major Market Radio Air Personality of the Year1993
Hollywood Walk of Fame2019
Urban Personality of the Year1999, 2000
Urban AC Personality/Show of the Year2006, 2007
Wendy Williams Awards

Now let us check out some of the most frequently asked questions about Wendy Williams on the internet.

What is Wendy Williams Net Worth?

Wendy Williams net worth is $40 Million.

Is Wendy Williams Rich?

Yes, Wendy Williams is a millionaire and has a total net worth of $40 million.

How much does Wendy Williams make per episode?

Wendy Williams makes $55000 per episode according to some sources.

How Tall is Wendy Williams?

Wendy William’s height is 1.78m.

How Old is Wendy Williams?

Wendy Williams is 58 years old as of 2023.


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